Sunday, July 26, 2009

More From Idris Elba

For those of you who remember this photo from the first Co-op meeting, you will recall the intensity exhibited by Russell "Stringer" Bell. Idris Elba had to lose his British accent to play Stringer and many of the other American parts. But he's happy to revert to his own rhythms for his role as Mumbles in Guy Ritchie's new 'RockNRolla.' Says Elba: "I absolutely love working in my own accent. ...I also like to be as close to who I am and it was nice to be a character who is more relevant to me." But if you can't understand him, don't blame his enunciation. "He's not called Mumbles because he mumbles, which is normally the number one question, he's called Mumbles 'cos that's his name." Read the full interview on

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