Friday, July 31, 2009

Emmy Snubbing of Genre Shows

Genre shows are typically – for lack of a better word – “snubbed” when Emmy Award nomination time rolls around. While many genre shows seem to only be popular among certain target audiences, there are some that cross all lines and divides. HBO has an excellent history of broadcasting just those types of shows. Unfortunately, there is also a dark history of such shows being snubbed by the Emmys. Why is this? After all, followers of genre shows are fiercely loyal consumers. Walk through any flea market, collector’s spot or visit just about any online retailer, and this becomes apparent. Turn on any network, and you are almost sure to see stars of those shows playing major roles in mainstream television shows and films. Many of them got their start on the set of a genre show. The fact that one could be a springboard to a long acting career, speaks volumes.

‘The Wire’, an urban drama set in Baltimore, Maryland, was one of the most socially relevant programs of its time, but for some reason, it too was all but snubbed by the Emmy Awards. The amount of nominations it received was the polar opposite of the amount of viewers and hype surrounding the show . . . (to continue reading article, please CLICK HERE to go to the TrueBloodNet site).

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